My greatest debt is to Dr. Alexander von Paleske, Matron Bertha
Mapatsi, the entire nursing staff of Princess Marina Hospital’s on-
cology department, and the many cancer patients and their relatives
who opened their lives to me with unending patience during the most
difficult of times. I also thank, in Botswana and Zimbabwe, Dr. Ahmed,
Dr. Selthako, Dr. Ralefala, Dr. Zola, Dr. Chilume, Dr. Pietkar, Dr. Phu-
tego, Dr. Kasese, Dr. Heunis, Dr. Gluckman, Dr. Hafkin, Dr. Ramagola-
Masire, Dr. Hakuna, Dr. Vuli, and Dr. Gureja, who taught me a great
deal about the practice of medicine. Patrick Monnaese, Dikeledi Moloi,
and especially Bontsi Dikagamotse provided expert assistance during
interviews. I am grateful to the Botswana ministry of health and Princess
Marina Hospital for granting me permission to undertake this research.
Thatcher Ulrich accompanied me to Botswana, though it was pro-
foundly disrupting to his own work and life. He gave me the time and
space to write, and was a wonderful and generous sounding board. Hazel
Livingston, too, was uprooted twice for the sake of this book; she has
proven a terrific traveling companion. In Bulawayo, Mwaiti Sibanda and
Alexander von Paleske took wonderful care of me, including organiz-
ing the loveliest Rosh Hashanah celebration for me that I can remem-
ber. In Gaborone, Kirsten Weeks opened her home and hosted me for
over a month of deep conversation alternating with total hilarity. Also in
Gaborone, Betsey Brada, in addition to being a terrific conversation part-
ner and scrabble opponent, cared for me during a serious health crisis
with the same sure hand she brings to all things. Michelle Schaan, Chris
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