*An asterisk by quoted speech indicates that I am certain I have the words verbatim.
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the other cancer ward
1 Nyangabwe patients sometimes come to pmh on referral, either to be cared for
during radiotherapy (in which case they are driven each day to gph for time in
the radiation machine) or for clinical consultation, but pmh patients do not go
to Nyangabwe, unless they relocate north.
2 The diamond industry, Debswana, maintains two hospitals; the Botswana De-
fense Force (the national military) maintains another; and there is a private
hospital in Gaborone, another in the final stages of construction, and many pri-
vate clinics and doctor’s offices for those with health insurance, deep pockets,
or enough desperation or frustration with the public system that they are will-
ing to pay for care.
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7 I am especially grateful to Vinh- Kim Nguyen for helping me to sort out this last
8 On oncological hope, see Good, Good, Schaffer, and Lind, “American On-
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