If these poems have meant anything to you, please join me in thanking:
Angélica, as always, and Rodrigo, Joaquín, Melissa, and Isabella;
Fanny and Adolfo, naturally;
Edith Grossman, who so perfectly provided many of the translations into
English of these poems;
Miriam Angress, my editor at Duke University Press, who first conceived
of this collection as bilingual and has been ever so patient, ever so crucial
to this book; and Shelley Wunder Smith, who prepared it for publication;
Jin Auh, my agent and friend at the Wylie Agency, as well as Raquel de la
Concha, my loyal and loving Iberian languages agent, both of them
simply superb;
Nan Graham, who first edited a shorter version of this book at Viking-Penguin
and who believed so fiercely in these poems; and Paul Slovak, then the
book’s publicist, who still remains at that publishing house, and whose
friendship and support I treasure;
Jennifer Prather, my oh-so good-natured assistant, whose backing has been
indispensable on these and other projects, and who labored assiduously with
our work-study student, Karla Portocarrero, to get the manuscript ready;
Teresa Vilarós, my colleague at Duke, who provided inspiration for the
poem that opens this collection, ‘‘Community Dot Com;’’
and the multiple translators into other languages who, through the years,
have helped these poems get better in their original tongue—and I think
above all of my dear friend, Eric Gerzon, and the other Dutch friends who
did much more than translate;
and my literary guardians, Ankie Peypers and Deena Metzger, Julio Cortázar
and John Berger and Ernesto Cardenal, each of us on the same road;
and then, of course, there are all the many others, those who simply were
there, near and far away, who kept me alive, yes, that is the naked truth, all
those whose company during my sleepless nights of writing is secretly
inscribed in these pages, those who made their presence felt when
everything else went silent around me.
Gracias. Thanks.
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