Rio de Janeiro
My Friend Pi as,
I hope that this letter finds you and all of your family well.
As I write this letter I am in good health, as are all the young guys
I want to tell you that I delivered the letter to Carvalho, who was
grateful. I was very happy to know about the life that you're living there.
Mine is good, but a little muddled.
Why, you might ask? I'll explain to you as my best friend: that I've
met up until now. In May of
I loved a girl, but for a short time.
I left her because her parents wanted me to marry her.
But I'll marry only at the police station!
On September 7 I started to love another, but left her after a short time. On
12, 1922,
I began loving another imagine that as of yesterday that
days that is four months and ten days well Lucrecia I ask you
never to tell this to anyone, but I took her three pennies.
Here they call it the cherry.
Today I'm still feeling the pleasure but I am so scared that my heart hurts.
I will always do anything not to get married, but here it is dangerous.
Salgueiro knows her very well. On Sunday the eighteenth I went with her
and him to the Quinta da Boa Vista here in Rio. Don't let out a word to
anyone when you write, because up until today no one knows yet.
I have always been a little gluttonous for women, even though they
only bring problems.
My friend Pias
I ask you as my best friend not to say anything because if they find out
back there it will cause terrible gossip.
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