The members of the Rain Forest Seminar are grateful to the University of
California’s nine-campus Humanities Research Institute (hri) at Irvine for
funding six months of collaborative research on rain forest images and their
practical e√ects. We thank hri directors Patricia O’Brien, Steven Mailloux,
and David Theo Goldberg for their help before, during, and after our resi-
dence at the institute during spring 2000. We are similarly indebted to the
HRI sta√ as well as our graduate research assistants Lyman Hong and Jac-
queline Scoones for their energy and patience.
Though brief, our journey to the not-quite-rain forest of the Yucatán
played a decisive role in shaping both this book and the larger seminar
experience that underlies it. For this reason, we are particularly grateful to
the colleagues who helped us in our preparations. We thank Professors
Jaime Rodríguez, Rob Patch, and Steven Topik for sharing their expertise
with us. We are deeply grateful to Mike Baker and Teresa Martelon for
opening their impressive Yucatán vacation home to us. We were equally
fortunate to enjoy the friendship and professional guidance of Gonzalo
Merediz and Marcos Lazcano Barrera of the Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve.
We also thank Cancún environmental activist Araceli Domínguez along
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