As this book enters the production process, we find our-
selves on the eve of the big Johannesburg United Nations Conference on the
Environment, more commonly known as Rio Plus Ten. Although the pres-
ent barrage of media reports on the conference will soon fade, Rio Plus Ten
invites us to think in a more lasting way about some of the things that have—
and haven’t—happened in regard to environmental, and related social and
political, issues over the past ten years. It’s also particularly interesting to
consider some of the changes that have taken place in rain forests and
accompanying transformations in that generic Rain Forest that was almost
certainly the single most compelling symbol for environmental destruction
back in 1992.
Rio Plus Ten pushes us to think back on our shared concern with the
relationship between environmental images and environmentally important
actions. We’ve spoken directly or indirectly about this relationship at various
points in our essays, and Rio Plus Ten gives us an incentive to recap our
thoughts. This recap also o√ers us an opportunity to invite the participation
of the three visitors to our seminar who were a significant part of the
discussions that underlie this book. As conservation biologists who have
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