former science correspondent for National Public Radio, is a
three-time recipient of the American Association for the Advancement of
Science journalism award. His book The Beast in the Garden: A Modern
Parable of Man and Nature (2003) tells the story of a fatal mountain lion
attack near Boulder, Colorado, in 1991 through an investigation of the com-
plex interactions between wildlife and humans in suburban America as
some animals are displaced from their historic habitat and others are at-
tracted to newly developed residential areas.
began his career as an archaeologist at about age nine, when he
first dug up old trash pits in his neighbor’s backyard in northern California.
Since then, he completed graduate work at Arizona State University and is
currently Professor of Anthropology at the University of California, River-
side. Fedick specializes in the archaeology of the Maya Lowlands with an
emphasis on ancient agriculture and resource use, and is currently director
of the multidisciplinary Yalahau Regional Human Ecology Project in Quin-
tana Roo, Mexico.
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