I have a running joke (mostly with myself) that In the Meantime is the first
book in the slow book movement series. It took a long time to write. In the
doldrums of writing my mind would often wander to the moment I could
write the acknowledgments. Finally getting to write these pages has left
me feeling as if I am accepting an Academy Award. I’m going to go with
that feeling.
Tucked between the pages of this book is an invisible itinerary made up
of a series of places and journeying times. The people encountered along
the way, and there are a lot of them, are the reason the book is what it is
today. The idea for this book began when I was a PhD student in the Joint
Program in Communication and Culture at York University and Ryerson
University in Toronto. Jody Berland was an absolutely incredible advisor.
There’s nothing like working with someone whose work inspires you. She
taught me where to look, how to look, and, most important, how to talk
to people along the way. I want to thank a host of mentors, professors, and
peers at York University: Stephen Bailey, Shannon Bell, Roberta Buiani,
Barbara Crow, Lauren Cruikshank, Kevin Dowler, Fred Fletcher, Bob Han-
ke, Andrew Herman, Nathan Holmes, Guy Letts, Ravindra Mohabeer,
Evren Oszelcuk, Scott Preston, Beth Seaton, Ed Slopek, Matthew Tegel-
berg. I want to especially thank Ganaele Langlois, Tanner Mirrlees, and
Scott Uzelman for their intellectual camaraderie and friendship. And thank
you to the following cast of genius characters connected to ComCult, pur-
veyors of side splitting laughter, who will always be my Toronto family and
who especially grounded me during these years by teaching me that there
is more to life than “discourse or dat course”: Mike Bickerton, Sara Chan,
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