A p p e n d i x
PoPulation Change in the
hunuCmç Region, 1900–1940
the graphs that appear below represent a sum-
mary of population statistics from 143 population sites
(towns, pueblos, haciendas, and ranches) in the Hu-
nucm‡ region from 1900 to 1940. Population totals for
haciendas are tabulated separately from those for
pueblos and towns in order to demonstrate the differ-
ences between population change in the vicinity of the
town of Hunucm‡ and the pueblos of Kinchil and Tetiz
(where hacienda populations plummeted during the
revolutionary years, never to recover) and that in the vi-
cinity of the pueblo of Samahil and especially the town of
Um‡n (where hacienda populations initially decreased
in the revolutionary years but then stabilized and, in
Um‡n’s case, returned almost to prerevolutionary lev-
els by 1930).
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