G l o s s a r y
acta: official document, or certificate
agrarismo: political movement or ideological stance in favor
of agrarian reform
agrarista: one who favors agrarian reform and is dedicated to
that cause (i.e., as agrarian engineer, politician, or activist)
aguardiente: cane liquor
albarrada: stone walls, typically used for enclosing lands
alcalde: mayor or chief judicial official of a town
Av’colas Fern‡ndez: Fern‡ndez Agricultural Company
ayuntamiento: town council
bald’os: uncultivated lands, or “wastelands”
cacique: indigenous leader, i.e., of an indigenous republic
campesino: peasant, small landholder
capitana: captain (feminine)
cazador: hunter
cofrad’a: confraternity
cohecho: incitement, or seduction of others; typically, to com-
mit a crime
compa–ero: comrade
comœn: commons, or commune
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