There are so many who have contributed so much to the fight against
AIDS, to the lives of so many in the gay communities, and to my life
and work. These people have helped my patients die and survive, have
helped me to survive, and have helped me
begin to understand the
meanings of the epidemic, what survival might mean, and how survival
might be lived. Thus, in an important sense, I might be considered edi-
tor of this work and they coauthors. I hope this note will stand as a small
expression of gratitude for all they have contributed.
Ed Wolf, George Simmons, and Eric Rofes of Shanti Project; Catherine
Maier at The San Francisco AIDS Foundation; Woody Castrodale, who
is devoted to the understanding of HIV-negative issues and has contrib-
uted immensely to my understanding; Michael Isbell, Richard Elovich,
and Daniel Wolfe of Gay Men's Health Crisis; Dana Van Gorder; Mark
Cloutier; David Zuckerman; Tom Moon; Ken Pinhero, Rob Hopke, Jim
Fishman, and Michael Crosby of Operation Concern; Irma Liberty, Carol
Brosgart, Gary Feldman, Muriel Rose, and Suzanne Heininger of the
Alta Bates-Herrick East Bay AIDS Center; Les Solomon; Bob Scott; Keith
Barton; David Greenberg of Summit Adult Immunology; Einar Sunde;
Linda Zaretsky of San Francisco's Tenderloin Clinic; Gary Lomax of
Pacific Medical Center; Jane Beurger, Elena Moser, Scott Halem, and
Scott Walton of the Pacific Center for Human Growth; Steve Graham,
Lahr Bryer, and Joe DeMilia at Kaiser Permanente; Paul Preston; Rabbi
Yoel Kahn; Rachel Schochet, who has made important research contribu-
tions to the understanding of HIV-negative gay men; Charles Dithrich;
Robert Stern; Ron Henderson; Rob Marks and Jim Dilley at the Univer-
sity of California at San Francisco (UCSF) AIDS Health Project; Sam
Blazer; Stephen Follansbee of Davies Medical Center; Jill and Tom Del-
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