Glossary of Terms
adivasi: popular term for a member of one of India’s indigenous groups,
o≈cially classified as Scheduled Tribes by the Indian government
akhra: dancing circle
baiga: religio-political village authority, more commonly called a pahan in
my research area
bhagat: medium for spirits
bhuinhar: original settler
bhut: spirit
bhutkhetta: land allocated for those responsible for appeasing the spirits;
literally, ‘‘land of the spirits’’
dalal: mediator
dalit: popular term for a member of one of India’s Scheduled Castes
daru: alcohol; usually used to refer to distilled alcohol
dhangar: used in my research area to refer to a live-in, year-round, general
manual laborer, although often used in other areas to refer to bonded
dhumkuria: village dormitory for youth, called ghotul in some areas
diku: outsider
Fagua: adivasi festival that takes place in the spring
ghairmazrua land: land with no right of occupancy
ghotul: village dormitory, more commonly known in my research area as
gram sabha: body of people who are registered on the electoral roll of a
village or group of villages, who elect a panchayat, or village council
hadia: rice beer
jangli: literally meaning people of the jungle, a derogatory term used to
describe people as wild, dirty, savage, or backward
Karma: adivasi festival that takes place during or at the end of the rainy
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