Both my sabbatical leave and the Tufts University Deans’ Semester Re-
search Leave gave me time and space away from teaching to finish the
book. I am thankful for this. Thanks to Dean James Glaser for his help.
Thanks to Dean Bárbara Brizuela and the Faculty Research Awards
Committee for each providing funds to pay the permissions for many
of the images that appear in this text. Thanks, as well, to former Dean
Joanne Berger-Sweeney for her crucial early support of this work.
I had the good luck to present work from this project in a number of
forums: Michigan State University; Extra(-ordinary) Presents, Univer-
sity of Erlangen, Germany; the Futures of Black Studies, University of
Bremen, Germany; The Fleming Museum, University of Vermont; The
Afrikan Black Coalition Conference, University of California, Irvine;
University of Toronto; Cornell University; Caribbean Studies Asso-
ciation Conference; Black Folk in Dark Times, Vanderbilt University;
American Studies Association Conference; Modern Language Asso-
ciation Conference; Southern Illinois University Edwardsville; Bar-
nard College; Pratt Institute; Curatorial Controversies in Traumatic
History and Pedagogy and Commemoration Seminar at York Univer-
sity, Toronto; the Dark Room Race and Visual Culture Seminar Panel,
Black Portraiture(s) II: Imaging the Black Body and Re-Staging His-
tories, Florence, Italy; Black + Queer + Human Symposium, Univer-
sity of Toronto; The Black Studies Race Literacies Series, University of
British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada. My thanks to the people who
organized the panels and events at which I presented this work and to
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