Ac know ledg ments
It is a plea sure to have the opportunity to thank all the people and places
that made this book possible. I have enjoyed every minute of researching and
writing this book, and this is in large part because of the many collaborators
who have helped me develop my ideas along the way. I would like to begin by
thanking the staff at the Archivo General de Indias (agi) for their assistance
with my archival research and for the access they provide to the wealth of in-
formation in the colonial record. I would also like to thank the Benson Latin
American Collection at the University of Texas for access to their holdings
and for their extraordinary helpfulness.
Several institutions supported me financially and intellectually in the writ-
ing of this book. I thank the Fulbright U.S. Scholars Program for awarding me
a Fulbright García- Robles (fgr) fellowship for Mexico City in 2010–2011, as
well as the fgr staff who welcomed me to their city. While on the fellowship,
I was a visiting scholar with the Programa Universitario de Estudios de Género
(pueg) at the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México. I would like to
thank Marisa Belausteguigoitia, then director of the pueg, as well as her
outstanding staff. Under her leadership, the pueg provided a rich intellectual
environment during my year in Mexico and fomented collaborative research.
The discussions at the pueg have left their mark on the book and I am very
grateful. I thank the Recovering the U.S. Hispanic Literary Heritage Project
for their 2010 Research Grant for transcription of the archival manuscripts
retrieved from the agi. I want to thank Edith Betancourt for her assistance
with the transcription of some of these eigh teenth-century documents. And
I thank Oscar Marquez for his excellent work on compiling the bibliography
for this book.
Many thanks to David Eng, David Kazanjian, Teemu Ruskola, and Priscilla
Wald for the manuscript workshop they participated in that launched this
book project. These four brilliant people helped me to realize the project’s
full potential, providing key guidance in imagining its contours and continu-
ing to challenge me with their insight since then. I am ever in their debt. Over
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