1578 Jumandi leads an uprising against Spanish colonists in the Ecuadorian
1599 Legendary Shuar revolt in the Ecuadorian Amazon
November 1777 A revolt against a census spreads throughout the northern
Audiencia of Quito
1791 Indigenous rebellion against a public works mita labor draft at Lita
1803 Indigenous uprising at Guamote, Chimborazo, against diezmos
May 24, 1822 Antonio José de Sucre defeats Spanish forces at the battle of
Pichincha, leading to Ecuador’s independence as part of the country of Gran
1830 Ecuador separates from Gran Colombia
1852 Ecuador eliminates slavery
1857 Ecuador eliminates forced tribute payments
December 1871 Fernando Daquilema leads a revolt in the central highland
province of Chimborazo
September 5, 1884 Alejo Saez leads an uprising against the payment of
diezmos in his home community of Licto, Chimborazo
1892 Foundation of the Sociedad Artística e Industrial de Pichincha (Artistic
and Industrial Society of Pichincha), which subsequently provides logical
support to Indigenous movements
June 5, 1895 Eloy Alfaro leads the Liberal Revolution to victory
August 10, 1895 Eloy Alfaro stops in Guamote, Chimborazo, where he
elevates Alejo Saez to the grade of general in his liberal army
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