Appendix 2
Development-Agency Initiatives for Andean
Indigenous Peoples, 1990–2002
Multilateral Development Agencies
The World Bank has an indigenous people’s thematic team within the
Social Development Department and has implemented indigenous
peoples’ development projects in Ecuador, Bolivia, and Peru.
The Inter-American Development Bank
has an Indigenous
Peoples and Community Development Unit and was a key initiator of
the Latin American Indigenous Peoples’ Development Fund.
The United Nations Development Programme
is a key mem-
ber of the global-scale Indigenous Knowledge Programme and spon-
sored an indigenous development program in Bolivia via the National
Subsecretariat of Ethnic Affairs.
The European Union
directly funded the Small Farmer Participa-
tory Development Project in Bolivia, indirectly financed projects or
programs through European
and passed various resolutions on
Andean and Amazonian indigenous peoples.
Bilateral Development Agencies
Danish Official Cooperation
and the Danish Embassy spon-
sored multiple programs in Bolivia with indigenous peoples through
state and nonstate institutions and funded the Fundación Diálogo, a
working with indigenous peoples.
The Dutch Embassy has worked in both Bolivia and Ecuador, often
with local support
especially in grassroots development and
water and irrigation projects.
The Belgian government has been a key sponsor of the Diploma in
Indigenous Affairs program in

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