Appendix 3
Professional Biographies of Teachers
in Interculturalism
Pamela Calla (Bolivia)
Born in Bolivia, grew up in a mining area
PhD in anthropology from Cornell University, with fieldwork in Nica-
Has visited U.K. on British Council link exchanges
Completed consulting work at the Center for the Study of Economic
and Social Reality
research center (Cochabamba) on gender
and environment
Taught a course on gender in
gender diploma program
Taught at
(language-led program) in Cochabamba,
Taught a course on gender and ethnicity in the Universidad de la
Cordillera, La Paz, run by her brother Ricardo Calla, while based in
Moved to La Paz and is now a core member of the faculty at the Uni-
versidad de la Cordillera
Fernando Garcia (Bolivia)
Ecuadorian linguist, fluent in Quichua
Worked in Cuenca, Ecuador, in bilingual linguistics program
Worked for
node in Ecuador and traveled to Coch-
abamba, Bolivia
Met Pablo Regalsky
Bolivia) at Bartolomé de Las Casas pro-
gram in Cuzco, Peru
Recruited to
in 1999 to head up a popular education program
in Raqaypampa

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