mAps And tAbles
Map 1. Primary research sites in Bolivia 5
Map 2. Primary research sites in Ecuador 6
Map 3. Indigenous ethnolinguistic groups in Bolivia 27
Map 4. Transnational connections discussed in chapter 1 36
Map 5. Transnational connections discussed in chapter 2 78
Map 6. Markas comprising the Karankas indigenous group, Oruro
Department, Bolivia 103
Map 7. Ayllus and municipal boundaries in Marka Qhurqui, Oruro
Department, Bolivia 104
Map 8. Selected indigenous identity groups in Ecuador, including
pueblos 112
Map 9. Transnational connections around local indigenous development 122
Map 10. Transnational linkages around water and natural resource issues 134
Map 11. Transnational connections around intercultural higher education and
professionalization programs 193
Map 12. Transnational connections around gender and indigenous
development 218
Table 1. International frameworks for indigenous development 38
Table 2. Selected funding lines for indigenized local spaces in Bolivia and
Ecuador 121
Table 3. Higher education programs in development-with-identity in Ecuador
and Bolivia 164
Table 4. Outline provided for an
women’s training school
session on the international context for women’s leadership 176
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