About the Series
Latin America Otherwise: Languages, Empires, Nations is a critical
series. It aims to explore the emergence and consequences of con-
cepts used to define "Latin America" while at the same time explor-
ing the broad interplay of political, economic, and cultural prac-
tices that have shaped Latin American worlds. Latin America, at the
crossroads of competing imperial designs and local responses, has
been construed as a geocultural and geopolitical entity since the
nineteenth century. This series provides a starting point to redefine
Latin America as a configuration of political, linguistic, cultural, and
economic intersections that demand a continuous reappraisal of the
role of the Americas in history, and of the ongoing process of global-
ization and the relocation of people and cultures that have char-
acterized Latin America's experience. Latin America Otherwise:
Languages, Empires, Nations is a forum that confronts established
geocultural constructions, that rethinks area studies and disciplinary
boundaries, that assesses convictions of the academy and of pub-
lic policy, and that, correspondingly, demands that the practices
through which we produce knowledge and understanding about and
from Latin America be subject to rigorous and critical scrutiny.
Racial discourses, often crucial to the development of nationalist
ideologies, have shaped much of Latin American history since inde-
pendence. Marisol de la Cadena explores the dynamic of racial and
cultural discourses in Peru throughout most of this century and places
them within the broader swirl of modernization and state-building.
With careful attention to the regional strains generated by the push
toward "modernity," de la Cadena focuses on the intellectuals of
Cuzco, once the capital of the Inca Empire, and helps us see how the
clash between this region and Lima, Peru's capital since colonial
times, produced a regional ideology that emphasized culture over
biological notions of human difference while giving racial catego-
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