I have been fortunate in being invited to present my work to many groups
around the world, especially in North America, Europe, and Australia.
My method has been to subject these groups to germinating ideas. Their
suggestions and objections have pointed to directions for rethinking my
formulations and revising my ideas. I have learned a great deal on these
occasions from often spirited conversations, and this book is much im-
proved as a consequence. My students and colleagues at the University of
California, Irvine, in particular receive my thanks. I have benefited greatly
from discussions of my work with JonWiener, John Carlos Rowe,Vinayak
Chaturvedi, Victoria Johnson, Sean Hill, and the Critical Theory Institute
members at uci, members of the Multi-Campus Research Group on Digi-
tal Culture, Tama Leaver and David Savat in Perth, Bernhard Debatin in
Berlin, Gary Hall in London, Mick Dillon in Lancaster, and my coeditors
of the Electronic Mediations series at the University of Minnesota Press,
Kate Hayles and Sam Weber, as well as Doug Armato, the press editor.
Doug Kellner read the entire manuscript and provided mewith invaluable
suggestions. Winifred Poster and Jamie Poster have provided much sup-
port and many ideas, and I thank them for it. Annette Schlichter has been
a careful reader of my work and a truly sympathetic companion.
Special thanks are due to Ken Wissoker and Courtney Berger of Duke
University Press and to the readers whose advice they sought, who pro-
vided me with excellent feedback.
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