List of Illustrations
1. Sign for a video store that rents vcrs  xiv
2. Print advertisement for the Sony Betamax  9
3a–c. Video degeneration  14
4. vhs tapes of Korean tv serials  28
5. Hidden shelves of Korean vhs tapes  29
6. vhs Japanese tv bootlegs on clearance  31
7a–b. Newsweek and Time proclaim a “video revolution” on their covers in
1984  45
8. The earliest Sony Betamax  47
9. An electronics store, circa 1984  56
10. Jane Fonda’s Workout  60
11. The second Rob Lowe sex tape  69
12a–b. The Tommy Lee and Pamela Anderson sex tape  70
13. vhs bootlegs on closeout at a fan convention  74
14. Print advertisement for a Toshiba Betamax  92
15. Time magazine’s coverage of the Supreme Court decision in Sony v.
Universal  100
16. Paul Simpson, founder of Vanderbilt Television News Archive  120
17. James Pilkington, vtna administrator  125
18a–b. Video recording and study stations at the vtna in the early days  127
19a–d. nbc news coverage of the protests and violence during the 1968
Democratic National Convention  130–131
20. Fuzzy footage of President Nixon on the vtna’s promo reel  134
21. vtna footage from the local cbs news report the day the network filed
suit against the archive  146
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