about the series
Latin America Otherwise is a critical series. It aims to explore the emergence
and consequence of concepts used to define ‘‘Latin America’’ at the same time
exploring the broad interplay of political, economic, and cultural practices
that have shaped ‘‘Latin American’’ worlds. Latin America, at the crossroads of
competing imperial designs and local responses, has been construed as a
geocultural and geopolitical entity since the nineteenth century. This series
provides a starting point to redefine Latin America as a configuration of
political, linguistic, cultural and economic intersections that demands a con-
tinuous reappraisal of the role of the Americas in history, and of the on-
going process of globalization and the relocation of people and cultures that
have characterized Latin America’s experience. Latin America Otherwise: Lan-
guages, Empires, Nations is a forum that confronts established geocultural
constructions, that rethinks area studies and disciplinary boundaries, that
assesses convictions of the academy and of public policy, and that, corre-
spondingly, demands that the practices through which we produce knowledge
and understanding about and from Latin America be subject to rigorous and
critical scrutiny.
This book is about dreams: dreams of belonging to and participating in a
new Colombia. The dreamers are part of an indigenous movement in the
province of Cauca—an extraordinary one that builds on the many knowledges
and talents of native and nonnative women and men. Their vision is insistently
inclusive, incorporating the insights of intellectuals and cultural planners
from di√erent ethnic backgrounds; it is also insistently communicative, forg-
ing dialogues between indigenous communities and across them to represen-
tatives of larger regional and national groupings.
We learn about building dreams and attempts at realizing them and about
the complex roles of public intellectuals in that process. We learn about in-
tercultural engagement and the transformative discourses that ensue. But,
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