Terms in Spanish are indicated by italics. Terms in Nasa Yuwe and other indi-
genous languages are indicated by bold italics. Terms in English are in roman.
cabildo The elected council administering the resguardo.
cacique Hereditary chief.
colaborador Nonindigenous activist working in cric (see list of
abbreviations for indigenous organizations).
compañero Comrade.
cosmovision Worldview, understood by Nasa activists as an
approach to everyday experience that inserts human
beings into a broader cosmos peopled by other types
of beings and fosters a concern for cosmic harmony
and balance (fi’zenxi, in Nasa Yuwe).
cultura propia See lo propio.
derecho mayor The primordial sovereignty of indigenous authorities
by virtue of their being the first Americans.
desescolarización Education that moves beyond the confines of the
educación propia Educational planning focusing on indigenous culture
as the enveloping conceptual framework.
escuela propia See educación propia.
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