he editors would like to express their appreciation to the
contributors for their work in developing these essays,
to Hannah Hamad for the considerable help she provided as
project assistant, to Desi Van Til and Sarah Churchwell for as-
sistance in obtaining illustrations, to Rachel Hall for her assis-
tance in preparing the bibliography, to Lindsay Steenberg for
compiling the index, and to the School of Film and Television
Studies at the University of East Anglia and the Department
of Modern Culture and Media and the Cogut Center for the
Humanities at Brown University, both of which generously
provided material assistance during the completion of this
We also wish to acknowledge the numerous colleagues and
graduate students who helped to facilitate the April 2004 con-
ference Interrogating Postfeminism: Gender and the Politics
of Popular Culture at the University of East Anglia from which
this volume grew. As the conference administrator, Heather
Laing made a considerable contribution to the generation of
this project.
Finally, we thank Ken Wissoker (the definition of a kind,
thoughtful, and supportive editor) and the staff at Duke Uni-
versity Press, as well as the press’s readers, who furnished the
best kind of reports, those that blend challenge and encour-
agement in equal measure.
Angela McRobbie’s essay appears with the permission of
the author and Feminist Media Studies.
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