From conception to completion, this book has taken over a decade
to write while in transit among three countries and stumbling across
three languages. Along the way, I have been sustained by the gener-
osity of many individuals, and I am indebted to the hospitality of
those who have kindly opened up their homes, classrooms, libraries,
collections, and conversations to this itinerant’s many comings and
First, my teachers at ucla guided me from the beginning:
Peter H. Lee, John B. Duncan, Namhee Lee, Seiji M. Lippit, Jinqi
Ling, and the late Miriam Silverberg. This book could not have been
conceived or realized without their intellectual rigor and generos-
ity of spirit through the years. Friends from graduate school days
supported me as fellow travelers and co-conspirators at various
stages of the journey: Takushi Odagiri, Chiyoung Kim, Jennifer
Shin, Mickey Hong, Seung- Ah Lee, Yingzi Stella Xu, Charles Kim,
Sonja Kim, John Namjun Kim, Min- Suh Son, Hijoo Son, Ellie Choi,
Todd Henry, Koichi Haga, Youngju Ryu, Chris Hanscom, and Jinsoo
An. I thank Hyaeweol Choi for the opportunity to teach at Arizona
State University and the wonderful colleagues there for their warm
hospitality during my stay.
In Korea, I am grateful to Kwon Youngmin for welcoming me to
Seoul National University. Kim Chul and Lee Kyounghoon kindly al-
lowed me to join their seminars and collaboratives at Yonsei Univer-
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