This book is based on over two decades of work in
Bolivia, and many people have helped me in myriad
ways. I would first like to thank my friends in Wila Kjarka
who received me, helped me, and supported me year after
year since I first arrived in 1989. Remegio Patty and Agus-
tina Alanoca lodged me and welcomed me into their family
during my first stay in Wila Kjarka, a stay that lasted almost
three years. On subsequent visits I became indebted to the
family of Pastor Mendoza and Dominga Mamani as well as
that of Maruja Alwiri and Eustaquio Mamani, who have be-
come dear friends and taught me so much about life in Wila
Kjarka. There is a long list of other people in Wila Kjarka to
whom I owe a debt of gratitude, and I could not possibly
list them all here, but among those are Teodosio Condori,
friend and shaman with whom I have spent hours talking
about his life and calling, and for whom I have a special affec-
tion and to whom this book is dedicated; Pastor Mendoza,
who deserves a second mention in recognition of our close
friendship and many hours of conversation as we herded
together; Francisca Condori, who, like many Wila Kjarke-
ños, has led a difficult and tragic life, but has maintained a
smile and sense of humor nevertheless; Pedro Choque, Wila
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