all dates are bce (before the common era).
ca. 1150
Settlement of the Attic peninsula after the fall of the Mycenaean
civilization (ca. 1177 bce).
ca. 1050
Migration of peoples from the Attic peninsula to the peripheries in
Ionia and Sicily begins.
ca. 1000
David becomes king of Israel.
ca. 960
Solomon becomes king after David.
The unified state of Israel splits into the northern Israeli tribes and the
kingdom of Judah to the south.
Olympic games in honor of Zeus opened.
ca. 750
City- states (poleis) proliferate all over the Greek territory. Colonies
established in the Mediterranean and the Black Sea coast (Ionian
colonies founded). Phonetic alphabet developed in the Greek
ca. 730
The Iliad and Odyssey composed by Homer in Ionian dialect.
Assyria destroys the state of Israel.
ca. 700
Hesiod composes Works and Days and Theogony.
In Athens, the term of the archon, or magistrate, is limited to one year,
signaling the stabilization of aristocratic rule.
ca. 660
Age of the lawgivers and tyrants in Greece (until ca. 500 bce).
In Athens, harsh laws established under Draco (instability in aristo-
cratic rule).
ca. 600
In Athens, bonded servitude of small and medium landholders pro-
ceeds apace.
Babylonian empire rules over Jerusalem (first Babylonian captivity).
Tower of Babel, Hanging Gardens built in Babylon.
Reforms of Solon.
Babylon destroys Jerusalem, collapse of kingdom of Judah (second
Babylonian captivity).
The city- states of Ionia are subjugated by the Lydian empire.
Timeline of the Ancient World
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