1. In a curious bit of intellectual history, it is remarkable that the image
of Rancière-the-Althusserian persists in the English-speaking world, in
spite of the fact that his contribution to Lire le Capital did not make it
into the English translation in 1970, or into later editions of Reading
Capital. The first translation of the entire article into English appears
to date from 1989 and is not widely available. The same is true of his
major critical engagement with Althusser, La leçon d’Althusser. The book
has not yet been translated in its entirety, and only the original critical es-
say, ‘‘Pour mémoire: Sur la théorie de l’idéologie,’’ is available to the
Anglophone public (see the bibliography in Rancière, The Politics of
2. Some of the authors in this collection have used other terms to translate
Rancière’s concept of partage, including ‘‘partition,’’ ‘‘division,’’ and
‘‘sharing.’’ Rather than systematizing these references to one of Rancière’s
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