Contributors and Translators
alain badiou is Professor of Philosophy at the École normale supé-
rieure. Recent translations of his works include Being and Event (2006),
Ethics: An Essay on the Understanding of Evil (2002), Metapolitics (2006),
and The Handbook of Inaesthetics (2002). Logiques des mondes was pub-
lished in France in 2006.
étienne balibar is Emeritus Professor of Philosophy at the Université
Paris X, Nanterre. He is the author of Politics and the Other Scene (2002),
Masses, Classes, Ideas (1994), We, the People of Europe? (2003), and, with
Immanuel Wallerstein Race, Nation, Class: Ambiguous Identities (1992).
bruno bosteels is Associate Professor in the Department of Romance
Studies at Cornell University. He is the author of Badiou o el recomienzo
del materialismo dialéctico (2007). His Badiou and Politics will be pub-
lished by Duke University Press. He has published dozens of articles on
Latin American literature and culture, on European philosophy, and on
political theory. He currently serves as general editor of diacritics.
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