A final message to the cabildos: Pay close attention to the
organization and its struggle. The Executive Committee
should forge a closer relationship with indigenous com-
munities because it’s with them and for them that we
struggle. This is my recommendation. . . . that the Cabil-
dos take to heart the great authority they’ve been given to
defend the indigenous communities. The Executive Com-
mittee named by the indigenous communities should use
their knowledge to prepare themselves for private life,
but for public life as well, because that’s what we seek.
. . . We lack knowledge because unfortunately no govern-
ment has made the attempt to civilize us, to educate us,
and that’s why we struggle; that’s what I want . . . Compa-
ñeros: ask many more questions in order to develop your-
selves, so the communities understand a little better, and
avoid personal conflicts, because sometimes people fight
over things that aren’t worth it. . . . We have to struggle
and fight for both long- and short- term policies. As for
those of us who’ve already been working for a long time
and who may die, we leave you others a door that is now
wide open so that indigenous people can continue work-
ing, following the path of what we’ve accomplished over
the last twenty years.
—Message of Juan Gregorio Palechor
on the twenty- second anniversary of
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