I began the first phase of this project during a 1991 sabbatical year from
the National University of Colombia, with support from the Bank of the
Republic’s Foundation for the Promotion of Research and Technology.
I worked out of the Center for Social Studies at the Faculty of Human
Sciences of the National University of Colombia. Martha Novoa tran-
scribed the text, noted omissions and errors, and provided commen-
taries. Thanks to the support of the British Council in Colombia, the
Foundation for Higher Education, and anthropologist Stephen Hugh-
Jones. I had the opportunity to consult bibliographic materials as a
Visiting Scholar at the Faculty of Anthropology, Kings College, Univer-
sity of Cambridge. The comments of Dr. Hugh- Jones were extremely
helpful as were those of sociologists Pedro Cortés and Teresa Suárez,
both extraordinarily knowledgeable about indigenous organizations
and the situation of indigenous people in Cauca.
More recently, I am grateful to anthropologist Andrés Salcedo, who
helped me see the text through new eyes and whose enthusiasm for
the project inspired me to take it up again and make some necessary
changes. I thank María Lucía Sotomayor for her invaluable help in pro-
ducing the Spanish- language edition, which was published in 2006 with
the support of the Center for Social Studies at the National University
of Colombia, the Regional Indigenous Council of Cauca—CriC, the
Colombian Institute of Anthropology and History, and the University of
Cauca. Many thanks to Andy Klatt for his careful translation. The text
has been enriched thanks to his attention to detail and his observations,
notes, and comments along the way.
Though he was ill, Juan Gregorio Palechor read the text and enthu-
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