1. notions of justice
1 Interviews with Feliza Camacho on 12, 20, 27 Aug. and 5 Sept. 2000 at the Tijuana
home of her daughter Conchita.
2 San Diego Sun, 12 March 1937.
3 Los Angeles Examiner, 16 Feb. 1938; San Diego Sun, 29 June 1937. For examples of
continuing front-page coverage of these events in a Tijuana newspaper, see El
Hispano Americano, 7 Sept. 1934, 4 Jan. and 7 March 1935. In mid-1934 the sensa-
tional kidnapping and ransoming of June Roberts, age six, in Tucson, Arizona,
also commanded press attention. See El Hispano Americano, 5 and 12 May and 15
June 1934.
4 San Diego Sun, 6 March 1937 and 16 April 1937; San Diego Union, 12 and 15 March
5 The description of these events was culled from twenty-one newspapers that
covered the story in some depth. Interviews and scattered snippets published in
books, journals, and magazines added details. To footnote every tidbit of infor-
mation would hopelessly clutter the text and unduly burden the reader. Neverthe-
less, substantial direct quotations do carry a citation as do large blocks of material
taken from a single source. Newspapers from Feb. 1938 consulted for this por-
tion of the book include Calexico (California) Chronicle, Daily News (Los An-
geles), Chicago Daily Tribune, El Excelsior (Mexico City), El Hispano Americano
(Mexicali and Tijuana), Los Angeles Examiner, Los Angeles Times, El Nacional
(Mexico City), Oaxaca Nueva (Oaxaca, Mexico), La Opinión (Los Angeles), San
Diego Evening Tribune, San Diego Sun, San Diego Union, San Francisco Chronicle,
San Francisco Examiner, San Ysidro (California) Border Press, St. Louis Post Dis-
patch, El Universal (Mexico City), and El Universal Gráfico (Mexico City). Two
Tijuana newspapers later published detailed reports: El Imparcial, special section,
Aug. 1952, and ABC, articles by Arturo Alvarez López, from 12 Aug. to 11 Sept.
1982. Information on the interrogation of Mariano Mendivil is from his widow,
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