310 notes to chapter 9
9. john the soldier
1 Aiken, Mexican Folktales from the Borderlands, 94–95.
2 ‘‘ ‘Juan Soldado’ fue filmado por una compañía Tijuanense,’’ El Mexicano en la
cultura, no. 54 (5 Feb. 1972).
3 Ibid.; New York Times, 24 July 1939; García Riera, ed., Historia documental del cine
mexicano, 1: 213–14.
4 Interview with César Laniado, 11 September 2000, Tijuana. The other comments
quoted here were spontaneously o√ered by his customers.
5 Telephone interview with Father Allan Figueroa Deck, who teaches at Loyola
Marymount University in Los Angeles, 22 July 1997.
6 Interview with Father Gil J. Gentile, 25 May 2000, at Saint Vincent de Paul Society,
San Diego.
7 Telephone conversation with Larry McClements, 14 Nov. 2002.
8 Telephone conversation with Dr. William H. Sutherling, 20 Nov. 2002.
9 Telephone conversations with the Fresno County Sheri√’s Department, Detective
Division, Oct. 2002.
10 Interview with Father Eduardo Samaniego, pastor, Christ the King Roman Cath-
olic Church, San Diego, 3 Feb. 1998, at the church.
11 Kamburo√, ‘‘Cult of Juan Soldado,’’ Appendix 4.
12 Interviews with Delfina Suárez, 2–4 Oct. 1997, at her Magdalena home.
13 I visited the Abreojos shrine on 8–10 Aug. 1997 and conducted interviews with
priests, devotees, and others in the district. Two of my fine History of Mexico
students, Eric Fern and Keith Berkley, who were working in Abreojos at the time,
brought this shrine to my attention and arranged interviews with the local towns-
people. They left a petition at the shrine asking that they receive a good grade in
the course, and they did. I thank them for their spirited support on the project.
14 Interview with Heriberto Yépez, 24 June 2002, Tijuana.
15 Interview with Ramón Camacho, 28 July 2000, Tijuana. Olga was his cousin.
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