General Questionnaire for Former Barbasco Pickers
1. Name
2. Age
3. Town where you were born? Town where you now live?
4. Occupation
5. Have you heard of barbasco?
6. What is barbasco?
7. Did you ever pick barbasco? How do you dig it up?
8. How old were you when you started to pick barbasco?
9. What tools did you use?
10. Did you need special clothes or shoes to pick barbasco?
11. How much did you dig up in one day?
12. Was it hard or easy to pick barbasco? Why?
13. Were there any dangers in picking barbasco?
14. Where did you pick barbasco?
15. How far was it from your home?
16. What time did you leave your home? What time did you come back?
17. What days did you pick barbasco? Why on those days?
18. Where did you sell your barbasco?
19. How did you get it there?
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