I wrote this book about places and memories in a dazzlin
which in turn evoke their own memories. The recollect
debts accumulated on this journey cannot but begin in
people who are these pages’ protagonists are an indissolu
am today, hence it is difficult to adequately convey the de
tude. Dionisio Díaz (deceased), Nicanor Jaime (Nedói), S
Pedro Martínez, Marcelo Núñez, Emilio Rivero (Locohé),
and Eusebio Solís (Lagachidí) have been crucial companio
graphic forays, and in moments of confusion I always c
patient, illuminating comments. Their warmth and gene
directly proportional to the enjoyment I felt talking wit
Cardoso (DaríloGo), Miguel Jaime, Chicho Martín (Cadác
rales, and Esteban Moreno (Táico) have shared countle
and/or numerous hunting and fishing trips with me. It is
them that I learned what I know about the experience of
bush and the Pilcomayo marshes.
It would be impossible to list here the rest of the Toba
or another contributed with their voices and hospitality
come of this book. Nonetheless, I must mention Rodo
his wife Marta Moreno (deceased), Mateo Alto, Adolfo C
los, Pedro Cuchi, Emilio Cuellar, Celestino Cuellar, Al
Ernesto, Manuel Estrada,Victor Filemón, Nélida Florent
cía, Ramón Jaime, Juan Larrea, Nicolás Larrea, Gil Laz
Luis, Tita Luis, Mariano Méndez, Luis Mendoza (decease
lina, Benigno Morales, Hugo Morales, Susana Morales
Andrés Pérez, Humberto Pérez, Norma Pérez, Quico
Julio Reginaldo, Orquera Reginaldo, Basilio Roque (dec
sendo (deceased), Evencio Sánchez, Teodoro Segovia,
Asuzena Tenaiquín (deceased), Valeria Urquiza, Dioni
Manuel Yanqui, and Mario Zacarías. Throughout this
people currently alive with pseudonyms.
In 1987, when I was an anthropology undergraduate
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