SINCE THERE ARE rather few secondary accounts that were important for this
study -and they are cited in the footnotes -this brief essay will focus on
the principal source, the backbone, of the volume, the Duke Endowment
Housed in Special Collections of the W. R. Perkins Library, Duke University,
the Endowment's archives constitute a mammoth treasure trove of data, only
a portion of which was used in the research for Lasting Legacy. Materials
covering the period from I924 (and some are of an earlier date) through I992
occupy over 282 linear feet of shelf space, and more material has come in
regularly since I992.
Access to portions of the archives is restricted, although scholars and others
may apply for the Endowment's permission to use specified parts of them. The
staff of Special Collections has prepared a careful Inventory File of the Endow-
ment's archives, and it presents detailed information about the various series
in the collection. Some of those series -such as the voluminous financial rec-
ords in the Controller's Office (CO) Series and the Investment Office (10)
Series -were not useful for this study. The same thing was true of various
other series.
The Board of Trustees (BOT) Series consists of bound volumes of minutes of
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