Academic Council of Duke University,
Access to Health Care program, 279,
Ackland, William Hayes: decides to give
art museum and endowment to Duke
University, I3 6-37; I dies and leaves
estate in trust, I37-I38
"additions to corpus resolutions," I34-
I35,200, 224
African Americans: and the Endow-
ment's relationship with, 85-89
Agnew, Donald C., 226-228
AIDS Interagency Council, 284
Alabama Hospital Association, 56
Alcoholics Anonymous, 30I
Allen, George Garland: elected a trustee
of Trinity College, I3; inherits much of
]. B. Duke's power and influence, 27-
28; opposes government-aided power
plant in Greenwood, South Carolina,
I03-I07; and the erection of the
Chapel at Duke University, II5; works
to carry out J. B. Duke's plans for
Duke University, I25-I26; critical of
free speech at Duke University, I3 I-
I33; moves to keep educational insti-
tutions as top priority of Endowment,
I34-I35; plays major role in selection
of Flowers as president, I35-I36;
pushes Davison as Flowers's successor,
I40-I4I; urges that Davison be
named as acting president in I960,
I62; runs Endowment in autocratic
style, 262; mentioned, I6, 23, 24, 26,
Allen Building at Duke University, 255
Allendale, South Carolina, I08
Alternative Energy Corporation in North
Carolina, 305
Aluminum Company of America, 24,
American Association of University Pro-
fessors, I3 I, 247
American Bankers Association, I86
American Bar Association, I40
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