ambulante: see vendedor ambulante
apontador (apontadores, pl.): see bicheiro
banqueiro (de bicho): individual who finances (‘‘banks’’) a jogo do bicho operation
bicheiro: seller of tickets for the jogo do bicho
bicho: animal; creature; beast
cachaça: a strong, rum-like alcoholic beverage popular in Brazil made from fermented
and distilled sugar-cane juice
Carioca: of or from the city of Rio de Janeiro
comerciante: someone who works in commerce, usually a shopkeeper
contravenção: misdemeanor; vice crime
contraventor: one who commits a contravenção
coronel (coroneis, pl.): local patron or boss; rough equivalent of cacique in Spanish
delegacia: neighborhood-level administrative unit of police; precinct; department
delegado: head of delegacia
entrudo: mischievous Carnival tradition involving throwing objects, outlawed in First
fazendeiro: owner of large estate (fazenda); member of Brazil’s landed gentry
First Republic: period that began on November 15, 1889, following the fall of the
Brazilian monarchy and ended with the Revolution of 1930, which ended the
presidency of Washington Luis and brought President Getúlio Vargas into power
folhetim: chapbook; popular, inexpensively produced pamphlet
fortaleza: literally a ‘‘fort’’; centralized, fortified, clandestine locale where jogo do
bicho businesses are administered and where the day’s cash intake is counted
jogatina: gambling
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