My deep appreciations extend not only to those who worked on this book, but
also to those who supported the development of the essays at the time they
were written. Many of those people are mentioned already in various places in
these texts. Without naming hundreds, let me highlight a few for the interest
of readers who are curious about social networks and the production of ideas:
My teachers at California Institute of the Arts—Allan Kaprow, Arlene
Raven, Deena Metzger, Judy Chicago, Richard Farson, and Sheila de Brette-
ville—who supported my transition from would- be scientist to artist, and my
Buddhist teachers, Joko Beck and Yvonne Rand.
Collaborators with whom I worked not once but many times—Michelle
Baughan, Leslie Becker, Jacques Bronson, Unique Holland, Annice Jacoby,
Chris Johnson, Sheila Jordan, Leslie Labowitz, Julio Morales, Evalina New-
man and the women of Guy Miller Homes, Susan Steinman and Susan Stone.
Close friends who were also colleagues and co- conspirators in defining an
era—including but not limited to Jerri Allyn, David Antin, Eleanor Antin,
Jackie Apple, Judy Baca, Nancy Buchanan, Mary Beth Edelson, Cheri Gaulke,
Guillermo Gómez- Peña, Newton and Helen Harrison, Lynn Hershman Lee-
son, Mary Jane Jacob, Mierle Laderman Ukeles, Lucy Lippard, John Malpede,
Paul McCarthy, Amalia Mesa- Bains, Susan Mogul, Linda Montano, Pauline
Oliveros, Ulrike Rosenbach, Rachel Rosenthal, Martha Rosler, Allan Sekula,
Bonnie Sherk, Carolee Schneemann, Barbara Smith, Nina Sobell, John Stur-
geon, Faith Wilding, and Martha Wilson.
Those who supported this book, including Moira Roth, who took time from
her own compelling practice to write the introduction; Ken Wissoker, who
made this publishing experience as painless as it gets; Kerstin Mey for her
essay produced under a daunting schedule; David Antin for his always help-
ful and vastly entertaining advice; Allison Dalton, Andrew Dalton, Courtney
Berger, Leigh Barnwell, Neal McTighe, and Astri Swendsrud for editorial sup-
port; Sharon Irish and Grant Kester for advice; and Flora Kao, Kelly Akashi,
and Mara Thompson for administrative assistance.
The academic community of Otis College of Art and Design, led with great
compassion and skill by President Sammy Hoi and Provost John Gordon,
whom I also thank for their friendship and support.
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