appendix: chronology and
selected Performances and installations
Born in Wasco, California
Received BA from University of California, Santa Barbara, in
Attended graduate school in psychology at California State Uni-
versity in Fresno, participated in Judy Chicago’s Feminist Studio
Ablutions, performance with Aviva Rahmani, Judy Chicago, and
Sandra Orgel, Venice, California
Rape Is, artist’s book, 1,000 copies
Maps, performance in Vernon meatpacking district, Los Angeles,
Lamb Construction, performance at Womanspace Gallery and at the
grand opening of the Woman’s Building
Received MFA from California Institute of the Arts in Valencia;
studied with Chicago, Sheila de Bretteville, and Allan Kaprow
Produced several photo series including Anatomy Lessons, Vaginal
Valentines, Old Wives’ Tales, Untitled (Penis Bound), Chickens Coming
Home to Roost, and Autobiography of a Young Vampire
Joined Feminist Studio Workshop faculty, Los Angeles, California
Coproduced Performance!, a month- long series at the Woman’s
Building featuring Eleanor Antin, Newton and Helen Harrison,
Lynn Hershman, Bonnie Sherk, Rachel Rosenthal, and others
Prostitution Notes, performance in Los Angeles, California
One Woman Shows, performance/installation at Grandview Gal-
leries, Los Angeles
The Monster Series: Construction of a Novel Frankenstein, perfor-
mances at the Woman’s Building and Western Washington State
University (now Western Washington University)
Taught feminist art courses at the San Francisco Art Institute with
Faith Wilding, Arlene Raven, and Ruth Iskin
Artist in residence at Guy Miller Homes in Watts community of
South Central Los Angeles, California
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