his chronology uses dates from Claudia Jones’s ‘‘Autobiographical His-
and other sources that provide details about her public and private
life. Exact dates of arrests, incarceration, and related matters are taken from
official government documents available in the fbi’s files under the heading:
Claudia Jones/File number: 100-72390 Volume 1 and Volume 2. The ideo-
logical underpinnings of discrepancies between official and personal memory
are the subject of the final chapter of this book.
1915 Born February 21, Belmont, Port-of-Spain, Trinidad, to Charles
Bertrand Cumberbatch and Sybil (Minnie Magdalene) Cumber-
batch, née Logan.
1924 Arrives February 9 on S.S. Voltaire in New York City with sisters
Lindsay, Irene, Sylvia and aunt Alice Glasgow.
1930–1935 Attends Wadleigh High School. Active in Junior naacp. Studies
drama at Urban League; performs in Harlem and Brooklyn.
1933 Mother dies of spinal meningitis at age thirty-seven, two years be-
fore Jones graduates from high school.
1934 Committed to Sea View Sanatorium for almost a year after having
been diagnosed with tuberculosis.
1935 Graduates from high school. Works in laundry, factory, millinery,
and sales.
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