1 See Ellison’s “The World and the Jug” in Shadow and Act, 140. Ellison’s
list of authors argues for the premise of my BookMarks: Reading in Black
and White—that, given the opportunity to list a literary ancestry, black
authors place themselves into relationships with elite writers of the tradi-
tional Western canon.
2 Among the most well known is John Callahan’s masterwork, In the African-
American Grain. My own Moorings and Metaphors would appropriately be
included in those theoretical works that reached toward West Africa in a
search for U.S. black fictions’ memories of kin.
3 Notice that the posting of this certificate on an official site of the White
House ( indicates the way the issue has been not only
politicized but made an official communication of the Obama White
House. See oba
mas- long- form- birth- certificate.
Introduction. Bound by Law
1 The niH notes that data collection on race and/or ethnicity, required
for clinical research that the niH will support, is understood as “social-
political constructs and should not be interpreted as being anthropological
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