Selected Articles of
the Weimar Constitution
Article 5 (Reich and Land affairs)
State power is exercised in Reich affairs by the organs of the Reich on
the basis of the Reich Constitution, in Land affairs by the organs of the
Länder on the basis of the Land Constitution.
Article 24 (Convening of the Reichstag)
The Reichstag assembles every year on the first Wednesday of Novem-
ber at the seat of Government. The President of the Reichstag must
convene it earlier, if the Reich President or at least a third of the Reich-
stag members demand it.
The Reichstag determines the adjournment of the session and the
day of the reconvening.
Article 29 (Public sessions)
The Reichstag meets publicly. On the petition of fifty members, the
public can be excluded by a two-thirds majority vote.
Article 48 (Measures during the disturbance
of security and order)
1. If a Land does not fulfill its duties according to the Reich Consti-
tution or Reich statutes, the President can compel it to do so with the
aid of armed force.
2. If in the German Reich the public security and order are being sig-
nificantly disturbed or endangered, the President can utilize the nec-
essary measures to restore public security and order, if necessary with
the aid of armed force. For this purpose, he may provisionally suspend,
in whole or in part, the basic rights established in Articles 114, 115,
117, 118, 123, 124, 153.
3. The President must inform the Reichstag without delay of all the
measures instituted according to Section 1 or Section 2 of this Article.
The measures must be set aside at the request of the Reichstag.
4. In the case of immediate danger, the Land government can insti-
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