Abbreviations of Works
Written or Cited by Schmitt
cpd The Crisis of Parliamentary Democracy [Die geistes-
geschichtliche Lage des heutigen Parlamentarismus]. 2d
ed. 1936. Trans. Ellen Kennedy. Cambridge, Mass.: mit
Press, 1985.
hv Der Hüter der Verfassung (1931). 3d ed. Berlin: Duncker
und Humblot, 1931.
rgbl Reichsgesetzblatt
rgz Entscheidungen des Reichsgericht in Zivilsachen
v Verfassungslehre (1928). 7th ed. Berlin: Duncker und
Humblot, 1989.
vra Verfassungsrechtliche Aufsätze aus den Jahren 1924–1954:
Materialien zu einer Verfassungslehre. 3d ed. Berlin:
Duncker und Humblot, 1985.
John P. McCormick’s Introduction
1 Legalität und Legitimität (Munich: Duncker und Humblot, 1932).
English renderings conform to Jeffrey Seitzer’s translation in this
volume; page references correspond to the 1932 edition, cited
hereafter as ll. Seitzer preserves the 1932 pagination within
brackets throughout the main text.
2 The following collections of primary sources from the period, one
focusing on its legal theorists, the other on the history of the re-
public more generally, are indispensable for the English reader:
Arthur J. Jacobson and Bernhard Schlink, eds., Weimar: A Juris-
prudence of Crisis, trans. Belinda Cooper (Berkeley: University of
California Press, 2000); and Martin Jay and Anton Kaes, eds., The
Weimar Republic Source Book (Berkeley: University of California
Press, 1994).
3 An attempt to grapple with this fact is my Carl Schmitt’s Critique
of Liberalism: Against Politics as Technology (Cambridge: Cam-
bridge University Press, 1997).
4 Schmitt’s critics were accusing him of undermining the consti-
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