This book has been such a long time in coming that I feel obligated to
open with both a “thank you” and an apology, especially to all the respon-
dents who generously shared their stories with me over the years. As I
hope is clear in the book, I have tremendous awe of and admiration for
the kind of fully realized cultural scene (or, as Jeff Chang keeps insisting,
movement) they created—and as teenagers no less. To be able, in any
small and modest way, to retell or share even a sliver of that history is
a remarkable honor. Therefore, I first have to thank the many respon-
dents who sat down with me over the years (oftentimes in Starbucks,
as it were), including those whose voices I ultimately couldn’t include in
the text.
There are a few people from the scene who deserve special recognition
for going above and beyond in assisting me with testimonials and art-
work: Daphnie Gambol Anies (the Go- Go’s), Rene Anies (Electric Sounds),
Royce Anies, Paul Canson (Second To None), Jon “Shortkut” Cruz (Just 2
Hype), Jay dela Cruz (Spintronix), John Francisco (Expressions), Henry
Geronimo (Unique Musique), Gary “Genie G” Millare (Ultimate Cre-
ations), “DJ Apollo” Novicio (Unlimited Sounds), Francisco Pardorla (Im-
ages Inc.), Richard “Q- Bert” Quitevis (Live Style), Suzie Racho (Cosmix
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