Appendix 1 / Captains of the Field /
San Francisco Drill Teams
In the course of my interviews with mobile crew participants from San
Francisco, a curious commonality arose: drill team. Many had been in-
volved in the drill teams of their high schools’ Junior rotc (Reserve Of-
ficers’ Training Corps).1 For example, Sound Explosion’s Restauro clan
and their friend Sam Beltran all initially met and became friends via drill
team at Balboa High School. I began noticing similar stories from other
San Francisco interviewees, and what gradually emerged was that many
mobile crew participants were also active in drill team and that these two
activities shared key parallels.
For example, Electric Sounds’ Rene Anies, who attended Lowell High
School in the city, explained, “Growing up in late seventies, early eighties
in San Francisco, rotc to the Filipino community was like being on the
varsity football team. If you were in rotc and a member of the drill team,
and you were, like, commander, you were like the captain of the varsity
football team. But that’s a story within itself right there. The competition
to get in, the competition amongst the other schools, the rivalry was just
amazing.” The comparison to the “varsity football team” suggests that for
young Filipinos at these schools, drill team represented an alternate and
parallel social world in which the currency of social capital—popularity,
reputation—could be earned. The comparison also hints at the idea that
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