he work assembled in this volume grew out of the 1994
conference on "The Political and Aesthetic Education of
Romanticism" at Duke University, which the editors had
the privilege of organizing. From the many stimulating and focused
presentations at the conference come the essays now gathered here. Our
principal debt thus is to all the participants who made the original con-
ference such a productive experience, and to those among them who
subsequently agreed to prepare more fully developed essays. The resulting
volume has greatly benefited from the abiding interest and commitment
of these contributors, who over three years of preparation continued to
assist the editors by providing all kinds of information and responding in
good humor to seemingly unending streams of correspondence. Thanks
are also due to the very capable editorial and production staff of Duke
University Press. In particular, we wish to express our gratitude to our
project editor, Paula Dragosh, and to the manuscript's copyeditor, Estelle
Silbermann, for their dedicated, meticulous, and ever cheerful attention to
this project during its later stages.
P. and R. F. G.
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