STEVEN BRUHM is Assistant Professor of English at Mount Saint Vincent University, where
he teaches Romantic literature and queer theory. He is the author of Gothic Bodies: The
Politics of Pain in Romantic Fiction
and is writing a book on the use of the Narcissus
myth in queer cultural production.
MIRANDA j. BURGESS is Assistant Professor of English at the University of New Bruns-
wick. She has published on Frances Burney, William Faulkner. and cultural theory. and has
forthcoming an essay on Charlotte Smith. She is completing a book about the diversity of
romance in eighteenth-century and Romantic Britain. Her current research is on genre and
the historicity of culture in Britain and Ireland.
JOEL FAFLAK teaches at the University of Western Ontario. where he is finishing his disser-
tation, entitled "Romanticism and the Scene(s) of Psychoanalysis."
DAVID S. FERRIS is Associate Professor of Comparative Literature at Queens College. City
University of New York. and Associate Professor of Comparative Literature. English, and
German at the Graduate School, City University of New York. He is the author of Theory
and the Evasion of History
and editor of Walter Benjamin: Theoretical Questions (1996).
He is completing a book, Silent Urns: Romanticism, Greece. and the Culture of Modernity.
WILLIAM H. GALPERIN is Professor of English at Rutgers University, New BrurIswick. He
is the author of Revision and Authority in Wordsworth
and The Return of the Visible in
British Romanticism
and is at work on another book, tentatively titled The Historical
REGINA HEWITT is Associate Professor of English at the University of South Florida. Her
publications include The Possibilities of Society: Wordsworth, Coleridge, and the Sociological
Viewpoint of English Romanticism
and numerous articles connecting literature and
j III HEYDT-STEVENSON is Assistant Professor of English and th~ Humanities/Comparative
Literature at the University of Colorado - Boulder. She is Associate Editor of the Cornell
Wordsworth volume, The Late Poems of William Wordsworth:
(forthcoming). In
addition, she has published articles on jane Austen and S. T. Coleridge and is completing a
book on Austen and the picturesque.
H. j. JACKSON. Professor of English at the University of Toronto, has edited several vol-
umes of selections of Coleridge's work, for Oxford University Press; coedited two volumes
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