This is the third time I have found myself immersed in the act
of “community history writing,” as a friend and colleague recently described
my books. The work is both collective and interactive, with a chorus of a
hundred- plus voices that made a scene enabling this par ticular narration. All
manner of thanks are due.
Once again I would like to begin by acknowledging the generosity and per-
severance of those who have granted interviews, many of which ran to several
hours, some even longer, with a high proportion willing to contribute to a some-
times ridicu lous number of email follow- ups. Thanks for this and more to Sal Ab-
batiello, Leonard Abrams, Vince Aletti, John Argento, Patti Astor, David Azarch,
Arthur Baker, Ivan Baker, Afrika Bambaataa, John “Jellybean” Benitez, Chris
Blackwell, Bob Blank, Ruza Blue, Fred “Fab 5 Freddy” Brathwaite, Gail Bruese-
witz, Vito Bruno, Archie Burnett, Brian Butterick/Hattie Hathaway, Kenny Car-
penter, Ray Caviano, Ken Cayre, James Chance, Mel Cheren, Brian Chin, Carol
Cooper, Diego Cortez, Frankie Crocker, Chuck D, Michael de Benedictus, Jef-
frey Deitch, David DePino, Alan Dodd, Leslie Doyle, Keith Dumpson, Johnny
Dynell, Brent Nicholson Earle, Willie “Marine Boy” Estrada, Jim Feldman, Mi-
chael Fesco, Bruce Forest, Jim Fouratt, Michael Gomes, Charlie Grappone, John
Hall, Alan Harris, Steven Harvey, Michael Holman, Tony Humphries, Afrika
Islam, Boyd Jarvis, Dany Johnson, Bill T. Jones, Mark Kamins, Louis “Loose”
Kee Jr., François Kevorkian, Steve Knutson, Danny Krivit, Jorge La Torre, Stuart
Lee, Manny Lehman, Robbie Leslie, Joey Llanos, Monica Lynch, Ann Magnu-
son, David Mancuso, Steve Mass, Howard Merritt, David Morales, Man Parrish,
Shep Pettibone, Rudolf Piper, Kenny Powers, Sal Principato, Kenneth Reynolds,
Mark Riley, John Robie, Judy Russell, Anita Sarko, Marvin Schlachter, Renee
Scroggins, Jonny Sender, Terry Sherman, Hank Shocklee, Tom Silverman, Tony
Smith, Will Socolov, Steve “Steinski” Stein, Marsha Stern, Mike Stone, Justin
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