This discography includes artist, title, label and year of release information for all rec-
ords cited in the main text of the book but it does not include those that only appear in
the dj discographies. Unless other wise stated, references are to the twelve- inch singles
that would have been purchased and played in New York City during 1980–1983. In the
case of rec ords featured on the B- side of a twelve- inch single, information on the A- side
is also provided. Album and seven- inch references are introduced for rec ords that didn’t
receive a twelve- inch release. Further discographical information can be found at www
. discogs . com.
abba. The Visitors. Atlantic, 1981.
ac/dc. “Highway to Hell.” Atlantic, 1979.
Adams, Gayle. “Stretch In Out.” Prelude, 1980.
Affinity. Don’t Go Away.” Mango, 1983.
Afrika Bambaataa & the Jazzy 5. “Jazzy Sensation (Bronx Version).” Tommy Boy, 1981.
———. “Jazzy Sensation (Manhattan Version).” Tommy Boy, 1981.
———. “Jazzy Sensation (Remix).” Tommy Boy, 1982.
Afrika Bambaataa & the Soulsonic Force. “Looking for the Perfect Beat.” Tommy Boy,
———. “Renegades of Funk.” Tommy Boy, 1983.
Afrika Bambaataa & the Soul Sonic Force. “Planet Rock (Vocal)”/“Planet Rock (Instru-
mental).” Tommy Boy, 1982.
Afrika Bambaataa and the Zulu Nation Cosmic Force. “Zulu Nation Throwdown.” Paul
Winley, 1980.
Art of Noise. “Beat Box.” ztt, 1983.
———. Into Battle. ztt, 1983.
Aurra. “Checking You Out.” Salsoul, 1982.
———.“Such a Feeling.” Salsoul, 1982.
Azul y Negro. “The Night (La Noche).” Mercury, 1982.
Babe Ruth. “The Mexican.” From the album First Base. Harvest/emi, 1972.
Bataan, Joe. “Rap- O Clap-O.” Salsoul, 1979.
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